If you're feeling like you want less mom guilt, more equity around the home, more romance, more pleasure, and less overwhelm: you are gonna go B-A-N-A-N-A-S for my summer Rebel Mom Offering:


  • IT'S THE LIVE COURSE AND COMMUNITY FOR REBEL MOMS who want to learn to disrupt mom guilt and rewrite the "shoulds" of modern motherhood.


  • It's simple. It's easy. It's an hour a week for massive upleveling transformation.


  • It's a group of instant MOM BESTIES to spend the early summer with - sharing, learning, releasing, growing, showing UP, being SEEN, and cheering each other the FUCK on to help each other reach new levels. 


  • It's 5 LIVE Rebel Mom power-workshops on Zoom with a community of SERIOUSLY amazing Rebel Moms blowing up the comments with love, cheering each other on, sharing authentically, and showing up FULL BENTO. 


  • It's 5 LIVE Power Boosts. (Energy work + Breathwork + Guided Visualization) 


  • It's 5 LIVE HOT SEATS for a chance to get one-on-one advice from Mags and to witness + shift with others.


  • It's a CANNABIS (optional, and no presh!) YOGA + Rebel Mom Party at the end of the series to celebrate each other, tap into our highest collective power, and enjoy a sexy + chill night at home with your new MOM BESTIES. 


I love you so much and know that we can create some REALLY fucking great things for you. 


Take a breath. Hold at the top. Take a tiny little sip more. 





I'm doing a great job. 

I deserve to have an amazing life. 

It is safe to do less domestic work.

It is safe to release control. 

I am worthy of unconditional and unlimited love. 

I am an amazing mother. 


I love you and I can't wait to start this work with you. 


mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah