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6 Keys to banishing holiday stress

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1. Ban the cult of perfectionism

2. Kiss “shoulds” goodbye

3. Reclaim an elevated mindset

4. Under-schedule for a “hell yes” life

5. Get more [homefront] fairness 

6. Engage your sisterhood

Enough said - I'm in!

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but THEY DON'T have to be that hard.

The seesters are BACK with our HELLA INSPIRING secret instagram group where we help womxn:

  • Balance, calm, ease, and joy this holiday season (and beyond)- using our simple strategies and concrete steps.

  • Less drudgery – or just going through motions.

  • More equity - and the homefront hotness that comes from it.

  • Ways to phase out the activities (and people: shhh!) that really block you from feeling joy.

  • Key phrases to say "no thank you" gracefully – and so your family (and inlaws!) can hear you.

  • More moments –  that feel like YOUR BEST YOU. 

  • A sisterhood of powerful women all reaching for a less stressful, more turned-on and tuned-in life - and the authentic connection and cool life that comes with it.

you do not have

to do this alone.

Join the sisterhood. And let's get you free from should, guilt, and holiday pressures.




IG Stories of our "HELL YES HOLIDAY" life so you can follow along and use all of our ideas and enjoy our general shenanigans on a whole new level!

TONS of videos, guided meditations, and exercises directly from the seesters to help you dig in to the stickiest aspects and keep you feeling at peace and completely inspired. 

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IN THE MOST LIFT-EACH-OTHER-UP COMMUNITY this side of the Mississippi.


  • And, even the holiday season can be SPECTACULAR. You get to feel true happiness. We show you how to get there NOW.  

  • Your life is never going to get better, easier, less busy, or less stressful unless YOU MAKE it that way. We hold your hand and pet your hair (figuratively, lol) through the whole process. 

  • There's never going to be a better time. Don't let the next year or decade(s) pass before you make your life - your life. Your time is NOW. And, we'll teach you exactly how.



Femily + Mags helped us to believe we could do it our way. (I have no idea why we didn't really know that already, but The Seesterhood worked to make it very clear!)


The challenge completely transformed the way my family talks about our wants vs. needs. My holidays now look like a dream I never could have imagined even a year ago.


The seesters are hilarious and brilliant, and learning from them has enabled me to step into my full power and take control of my life in countless ways: starting with the holidays!


how much does it cost? 

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  • TOP SEESTER SECRETS and non-public IG topics like: Mags' Juicy Dating+Married Life, Femily's Rebel Step-Mom + Child-Free Life, and literally hundreds more throughout the group.