so, you're getting a divorce

and you want to feel really good about your next chapter?

Image by Brooke Lark

First of all, congratulations, you naughty little rebel.

You're in the right place if you want to

heal from your divorce (or long term breakup or any type), and connect to others who understand exactly where you are.

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Divorce Club is a healing space for people of all genders (hi queer +trans fam!) and relationship styles (hey hey ethical sluts and polyamorous fam!) to feel empowered, safe, and free to heal and move through what you need.


Yes: monogamous and cisgendered folks welcome!

this is not a hetero-normative, repro-normative, monogamy-centric,man-hating divorceé hotspot to sit and complain about our EXes. 

Happy Couple


to feel FREE from resentment, guilt, worry, fear, shame, anger and other emotional spirals and patterns that are clinging on from your last relationship

to feel complete, and at peace with closing the chapter on your last relationship

to be so fucking excited about your next chapter and ready to claim and call in your juiciest desires

to be surrounded by amazing humans who are in your same exact space, and here to support you through this transition

You may find yourself feeling sad about the loss of possibility,


worried about the future,


or like you have to start all over


or convinced you are going to be "alone forever"


I'm mags, and I'm here to tell you that it's going to be ok, 

and it's going to be wayyyy more than ok. 

It may feel like the world (or your family!) wants you to feel judgement or shame, but the truth is WE get to choose how we feel about our relationship ending. 

WE get to decide how we look at things, think about things, and feel about things. 

We have an amazing opportunity for learning and growth within ourselves building a foundation for all our future relationships.


and we have the power to create our next chapter and the rest of our lives.  

I've used some powerful tools to move through my divorce, and now I lead others through their own healing journey

Ready to heal and move forward?

How to work with me: 

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The 4 session healing journey series and digital club.

$500 US

Romantic Tent



The 3-day luxury, in-person, all-inclusive retreat for feminists of all genders.

Intensive high-level healing, group and individual support, and a community of soul siblings to share in the journey.

$10K us




Practical mindset work to help you re-write shi*ty shame narratives and navigate all. the. feels.

$250 US

Writing on Her Journal